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so other than that, mrs. lincoln, how was the play

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Anonymous: BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award, you are supposed to paste it in the ask box of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but its sweet to know someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out.

awwww this is cute 

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For I am His and He is mine
 In Christ Alone (via rahgodgirl)
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The ‘yes or no’ game.

You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

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Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you were the one who carried you through the heartache. You are the one who sits with the cold body on the shower floor, and picks it up. You are the one who feeds it, who clothes it, who tucks it into bed, and you should be proud of that. Having the strength to take care of yourself when everyone around you is trying to bleed you dry, that is the strongest thing in the universe.

I absolutely needed to read that.

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Overdependency in Relationships


Overdependency is:

  • Desperately holding on to other people, places or things in an attempt to find meaning and purpose in your life.
  • Letting others do so much for you that it prevents you from developing your own sense of personal autonomy, independence,…
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